Project OrlandoWorks - Julia Porretto Shares Her Experience In The Hospitality Industry And Details Her Career At Ole Red

I just really love how every day is different, I just love people, I love meeting people. I love staying busy, I love the kind energy that comes along with this fast-paced environment.

In this installment of the Project: OrlandoWorks photo series, we spoke with Julia Porretto, Retail Supervisor at Ole Red. Read more to learn about her passion for the hospitality industry and Ole Red's company culture. 

Article by Brianna Toawicha | Photos by Lennyn Garcia

julia-1Julia Porretto has a benevolent heart and genuine love for people, so it’s no doubt that she gravitated towards the hospitality industry. Porretto shares her passion for her role at Ole Red as the Retail Supervisor. She details why she chose to work at Ole Red and her fondness for the close-knit work environment.

“I chose to work for Ole Red because I just love the culture surrounding Nashville and its history. I was also drawn in by the culture of the company, I knew it would be a new opportunity for me to try something different and that aligned with things I love. I always say casually that I make really good money to hang out with my friends. It’s like everybody here is almost like a family because a lot of us have been here since day one.”

To be in the hospitality industry, you have to have a love for serving others. Porretto opens up about what she loves most about her role at Ole Red as Retail Supervisor and why the people she encounters are one of the biggest pros.

“I just really love how every day is different, I just love people, I love meeting people, I love staying busy, I love the kind energy that comes along with this fast-paced environment. “

Porretto gets the privilege of working in such a gratifying work environment, with so many different interactions with an abundance of different people, it’s hard to pinpoint one fulfilling experience, so she explains the part she plays at Ole Red and how she knows she is making a difference.

“I’m someone who thrives on doing good work. Being able to know that I can come into work never knowing what I’m doing and performing so many different roles knowing I’m actually helping there that’s like the days where I feel best going home. I usually have bright red hair, very identifiable people are like, ‘I remember you from last week.""

Porretto recognizes the impact of something as small as greeting someone and how that kind gesture may seem minor but can go a long way.julia-2

"I see so many people in a day and I don’t always remember them but it’s always nice that you make that lasting impression because it’s like what I’m doing does matter sometimes selling a t-shirt does matter.”

Porretto encourages those seeking a job in the hospitality industry to make the leap and start working again. She shares her biggest piece of advice to those who want to work in the industry.

“Number 1 for me is always adaptability, hustling really hard, keeping that mindset where it’s like I’m going to come and I’m going to work hard but also keep a smile on my face.”

Julia Porretto’s devotion to spreading joy to people through encounters and authentic exchanges with customers is touching. The ability to be able to put a smile on someone’s face is worth more than a thousand words and she does that every day. Her love for Ole Red and the congenial work environment they provide is not only a reflection of the company but the positive impact it has on its employees.

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