3 Easy, Must Do Strategies for Hiring Great People In Central Florida

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The Orlando job market is on fire. We have more jobs today than people looking to work.  For employers in healthcare, education, technology, government, hospitality and all other sectors all are feeling the pain short staffs.  It effects business and profitability.  On top of that, employers are competing with remote work and escalating salaries at other companies. However, there is a way to maximize your recruiting dollars; if you optimize these in your recruiting process, you will have a better hiring rate.


Here are three ways to supercharge your recruiting efforts:

  1. When a candidate applies, reach out to them immediately. 

Reaching out does not mean the automated “we received your resume” email. It means texting, calling, or emailing them as soon as possible with interview times or follow-up questions. Get them involved. If your applicant tracking system has a text function, favor that before email for superior results. By far, the number one complaint we heard in our last job seeker poll was the lack of communication from the employer once they applied for a job. The faster you reach out, lets the job seeker knows you are not just interested but ready to get the process rocking.


  1. Hire Faster

How many times have you interviewed a great candidate but since it was the first one or you had more interviews scheduled, you delayed hiring this person? Dragging out the offer too good candidates will yield a 50% increase in turndowns of qualified, interviewed talent. Keep interviewing, get the background and reference checks going, and frequently communicate with the candidate. 


  1. Make the Smart Phone Application Easy.

So many employers spend tons of their recruiting budget getting passive and active candidates to apply to their open jobs. When you get a job seeker interested finds your job while on their phone (68% of the time), what happens when they hit apply? For many companies, it requires the job seeker to create an account on your applicant tracking system and fill out tons of information. On top of that, it also asks the job seeker to upload a resume. Many job seekers need help to attach their resumes from their phones. Also, did you know that only 9 out of 100 candidates using a cell phone complete the application process? The easy fix is to have a short cell phone application that allows you to collect the most important information and send them a link to complete at a later time. That way, you can immediately start the interview process.


In our recent employer poll, a few employers stated that if the job seeker doesn’t want to utilize their application process, they are not serious about getting the job. In 2023, that is the wrong way to look at it. If you force them to make a complete application on their cell phone, your odds of getting a great candidate diminish.

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