Artificial Intelligence Like ChatGPT is Your New Best Friend in Your Orlando Job Search

A.I Like ChatGPT is Your New Best Friend

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting all the headlines lately, including jobs and careers.   I have worked with thousands of job seekers over the last twenty years and have not seen any technology that can help you in many aspects of your job search...EVER!

Today, I want to share a couple of ways AI can immediately help you in your job search.  Beware, this is powerful, but if you understand the basics, you can escalate your job search in many ways.

First things first.  For this article, I recommend using ChatGPT. To access ChatGPT, access this domain ( and create a quick account.  There is no cost to use this AI tool.

Once created, you can enter "prompts" to ask ChatGPT anything.  To answer you in human terms, it quickly deciphers tons of data to find the information you seek.  For example, you can ask it to create five recipes with the seven items left in your refrigerator.  You will be amazed by the results.


For the job search, ChatGPT will become a fantastic resource for you.  Here are three ways it will help you immediately in your job search:

Resume Optimization- AI can be used to create a resume that highlights your skills and experience in a way tailored to the specific job you are applying for. The prompt for this would be something like this, "You are a career expert resume writer; take this resume (copy and paste your resume here) and help format my skills to this job (copy and paste the job you are applying to)." No matter your field and how bad your resume may be, it will give you some spectacular ideas of what your resume should look like.

If you don't change anything, it will often be better than what is being submitted without this help. This is game-changing, and you should give it a try!


Practice for job interviews. AI can be used to practice for job interviews. This can be done by using ChatGPT and telling it to be your career coach.  The prompt you can start with would look like this, "You are a manager at XYZ company, and you are interviewing me (copy and paste resume here) for this job (copy and paste job here).  Give me ten interview questions that you will ask me about the job and my resume so I can be prepared for the interview."

 Again, this is amazing. "Prompt engineering" is real; as you learn how to ask ChatGPT questions, you will get better answers.  For interview prep, this will be better than what you are doing now, whether interviewing for a bartender job or a VP of Claims position!


Write your cover letter. What should go in a cover letter?  If you use this prompt, "You are a career expert.  Write me a two-paragraph cover letter to this person (add name) at this company (add company) using this resume (copy and paste resume) to this job (copy and paste job requirements)." You will be shocked by the results. 


So there you have it! AI is a powerful tool that can be used to help you in your job search. But it can also make your job search more fun and engaging.  If you use these three examples in your next job search, you will definitely increase your chance of getting the interview!  Stay tuned for future articles on all the things AI can do for your job search.

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