Bryan Nguyen On His 15-Year Career Working For Florida Virtual School & The Impact of Online Learning

“Every role at the organization, whether you’re a teacher or part of our support staff,  is a valuable piece in the overall puzzle when it comes to supporting our students. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve been here so long – because I truly believe in what we do.”


In this installment of Orlando Works, we spoke with Bryan Nguyen, project manager at Florida Virtual School (FLVS). Read more to learn about his career and the advice he has for job seekers.


Article by Brianna Toawicha | Photos by Lennyn Garcia

bryan-2The longevity of Bryan Nguyen’s career at Florida Virtual School speaks volumes. After 15 years, Nguyen still has the same passion and drive that he had on his first day on the job. His love for serving others has translated to his current role as a Project Manager on the Enterprise Project Management Office team at FLVS. Nguyen details his penchant for his profession and what he treasures most about the culture of FLVS.

“I love the fact that every day brings a new challenge,” said Nguyen. “Being a project manager, there are days that things aren’t going to go smoothly, so whenever those issues or challenges arise, I know that I can trust and lean on my team. We succeed as a team, and we fail as a team, which is why  having a collaborative environment is crucial to the FLVS culture.”

When discussing a time when he felt most fulfilled at his job, Nguyen looked to the past year, when many parents, students, and teachers discovered online learning for the first time.

“Last year, I was involved in our COVID-19 relief efforts, which provided 100 free digital courses to schools and districts in the state of Florida.  Additionally, we created a six-hour, self-guided training course, that was designed to help brick-and-mortar teachers learn how to teach online – with more than 2,000 teachers successfully completing the course. Being part of both initiatives was really fulfilling because we were able to utilize our 24 years of experience to provide schools the  support that they needed during a very challenging time.”

Nguyen gets to fulfill his purpose every day at FLVS, but more importantly his efforts are one of the hundreds of important factors needed to support students across Florida. He knows he is making a difference one step at a time.bryan-3

“I’ve always had a passion to help and serve others. At FLVS our commitment is that the student is at the center of every decision we make. Being a project manager, I know that I indirectly affect student success because my role allows me to support our teachers who are on the frontlines, helping students master course content. Knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of our students really motivates me and is one of the reasons why I’ve been here so long –  because I truly believe in what we do.”

Nguyen wraps up the interview by sharing his biggest piece of advice for job seekers interested in project management.

“Communication skills are key as a project manager. But, most importantly, being genuine and kind and being able to build interpersonal relationships with your teammates and stakeholders  can go a long way because it impacts the work you do.”

After 15 years, Nguyen continues to aid in the advancement and education of students at FLVS. His unending belief in what FLVS can do and has done shows his devotion to the company and the students they serve.


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