Don’t Wait Until 2023, Get a Great Central Florida Job Now!

Orlando Jobs - December Newsletter

The holiday season is here, with it, the annual rush to find a new job. If you are thinking about waiting for next year before you start your job search, don't! I'm going to share some tips on getting ahead of the game and ensuring your dream job is waiting for you before the end of the year!

The good news is companies are still hiring. If you watch the news, you may think the world's economy and inflationary pressures have doomed job creation. This is not the case. Unfortunately, many job seekers struggling in their job search use this to delay their job search until after the holidays. In reality, this is just one more reason to concentrate on your job search now and get in front of the line.   

Find a great job in 2022 with the help of these job search tips:

  • Let your friends, family, and acquaintances know you are looking for a job. Let your friends, family, and acquaintances know you are looking for a job. Ask them to keep their eyes open for opportunities at companies they know. If you use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or any social media platform, let people know you are in a job search and looking for referrals. If you are currently working and can't publicly let people know you want to change jobs, DM people in your network and ask them to keep you in mind if they hear of any job openings. This is a powerful strategy that gets excellent results. Your friends and family want to help as long as they know you are looking!


  • Resume Optimization. No two jobs are the same. Your resume has to quickly, effectively, and powerfully tell the human or robot recruiter that you are a great candidate for their job. To do this, your resume needs a title that matches the job you are applying to. That has to be followed by the "core competencies" that outline quickly the skills you have that are needed to get the job you are applying to. Most job descriptions have the "keys" to getting the job, and they must match your resume. If you don't have the required skills, find jobs that match. Whatever you do, don't add skills you don't have to get the interview. (Resume Optimization Video)



  • Volunteer. You can find hundreds of volunteer opportunities this time of year. Many companies adopt specific charities, and you can usually find out about them on their corporate websites and social media. Identify companies you want to work for and once you find out what charities they work with, consider those for yourself if it fits you. During volunteer hours, you may meet people from these and other companies. Either way, they may be the person to help you get a job with their company. Volunteerism is also excellent resume material.


  • LinkedIn. Please update your LinkedIn profile with a good picture and keyword headline and add the #OpenToWork feature. All recruiters use LinkedIn, and by having the correct keywords and the #OpenToWork hashtag, the technology will make your profile come to the top of their search lists. Today's post-Covid job searches have seen a massive increase in remote positions. Make sure your profile is clear about your desired job type and location. Remote jobs open up the world, but jobs that require a physical location sometimes can be excellent since employers lost some of their employees to remote opportunities creating a higher demand.


  • Finding Open Jobs. While job boards are a great place to start, many open jobs are never even posted. To find these "hidden jobs," spend more time finding companies you want to work for and go directly to their corporate career pages on their website. You will be surprised at how many jobs you can find this way! Also, every city has trade business journals filled with information on companies doing great things in each community. Most of these companies you never heard about, and many will have the best jobs ever!

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