Employers: Three Easy Ways ChatGPT Will Help You Today and Make You Look Like a Star!

The Juice April 2023 Newsletter

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here, and as talent acquisition professionals start using it, it will be a tool you use almost every day. ChatGPT (chat.openai.com) and Bard (bard.google.com) are the two AI tools that allow you to ask any question (via prompts) and, in seconds, get back relevant information in any format you ask it to deliver. For employers in any stage of the acquisition and hiring process, you already have endless possibilities of using AI to save you tons of time.

For this article, here are three things you can use today that will immediately show you the power of AI!

1. Write awesome emails to potential candidates. You use a resume database and find 15 possible candidates for your customer service opening. Use ChatGPT to write a powerful marketing email to these candidates. At the ChatGPT prompt, write this, "You are a recruitment, marketing ad copywriter. Take this job description (copy and paste your job description) and write a powerful 2-paragraph email to customer service job seekers to include highlights of the job and reasons to work at XYZ company." You will be amazed at the initial email this prompt will produce. In 10 seconds, you will have a compelling email to help candidates get excited about the position and respond!

2. Create Excellent Interview Questions. Sure, you have the standard interview questions you must ask everyone. Let ChatGPT freshen up that list and provide additional questions you may have yet to consider asking. To do this, add this to the prompt, "You are a hiring manager interviewing this person (copy and paste resume) for this job (copy and paste job). Give me ten interview questions I should ask this candidate to ensure we are hiring the best and brightest." You can then follow these up by asking ChatGPT to name the top five strengths and top five weaknesses they found in the resume. The information returned in seconds provides a solid guide, and you can find things you may have overlooked.

3. Help Create all Job Marketing Materials. Creating content that is well-written and built for social media is challenging. ChatGPT just changed all that for your company. For this prompt, use this, "You are a recruitment, and marketing expert. Please write a two-week job marketing campaign for this job (paste job here) to attract our company's customer service professionals. Please provide copy and hashtags for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok featuring three different posts each week for each one." After the result, you can ask ChatGPT what graphics you should use (ChatCPT 4 can create these graphics, but it is not free). Believe it or not, you can ask AI to create a 30-second video script with screen directions for your job!

The possibilities are endless with AI. All three of these ideas are very powerful and will give you a great introduction to the power, and time-saving AI will be to your organization. In my 20-plus years of talent acquisition, I have NEVER seen anything so easy to use that can deliver immediate impact…all for free.

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