How to Secretly Search for a New Job in Orlando While Employed

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How to Secretly Search for a New Job in Orlando While Employed

Searching for a new job while currently employed can be interesting, to say the least. You want to explore new opportunities and advance your career, but you must also be mindful of your current position. For many Central Floridians, you are ready to change jobs but can’t just quit and hope they can immediately replace your income. However, there is a way to do this that may give you some hope!

My best advice is to make sure you really want to change jobs. The grass is only sometimes greener, and people leave their jobs for the wrong reasons. If you need more money, ask for more, and you may be surprised (this is the easiest thing you can do. If you don’t get more money, at least you know where you stand). If you want to leave to go remote, please use caution. 

Remote job listings have fallen by 75%, and many companies are returning workers to the office. Whatever the reason for moving, make sure the issue you have even to start a job search can’t be solved with your current employer.


However, if you are ready to move and want to do it, here is how:

  1. Maintain confidentiality- Keep your job search confidential to avoid potential negative consequences at your current workplace. Be discreet when making phone calls, scheduling interviews, or updating your online profiles. Don’t tell your best work friend anything.
  2. Use personal time wisely-Utilize your personal time, such as lunch breaks or after work hours, for job search activities. Be cautious not to let it interfere with your current job responsibilities. Do not do job searches on your work computer ever.  
  3. Silently update your online presence- Enhance your online presence by updating your LinkedIn profile and social media accounts and ensuring it reflects your current skills and experiences. Making a massive change to your profile in one sitting will tip off your employer. If you need to make changes, do it in small phases.
  4. Engage in passive job searching- Explore techniques such as signing up for job alerts or joining industry-specific forums or groups. This lets you stay informed about potential opportunities without actively applying for jobs. Reach out directly to hiring managers at companies you want to work for and let them know you are considering a position change. If they have openings, you will get an interview almost immediately.
  5. Use only personal contact information - Use personal email and phone numbers for your job search communication. Ensure that any contact information shared on job search platforms or applications is not visible to your current employer.
  6. Former Coworkers can help. Confidentially reach out to any coworkers who have left your current employer. If they work at a company that fits you, ask them to submit your resume to the hiring manager. Many companies have employer referral programs where the employee gets paid well to refer you!
  7. Time is on your side. Since you have a job, you are not desperate. This will give you time to find the correct position, just not any job. Right jobs make careers skyrocket since they usually have tremendous upside. Taking a job just to make ends meet becomes a pause button for your career.


By following these tips, you can navigate the process smoothly while maintaining professionalism and safeguarding your current position. Remember, finding a new job is an opportunity for growth, and with the right approach, you can achieve your career goals while respecting your current employment. An excellent place to start your job search in Orlando is

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