Project: OrlandoWorks - Gus Ramsey Gives Us A Candid View Into His Experience In The Sportscasting Industry And His Career at Full Sail University

“It’s just what I always knew I wanted to do”

In our second installment of the OrlandoWorks photo series, we sit down with Gus Ramsey, Program Director for the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting at Full Sail University. Read more to learn about his love for his profession, as well as advice he has for job seekers looking to break into the world of teaching.

Article by Brianna Toawicha | Photos by Lennyn Garcia

Gus Ramsey makes it clear that he takes pride in his profession. After years of pertinent experience in sportscasting, he continues his journey, but he's taking a different approach this time. Ramsey now instructs the next generation at Full Sail University as the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting program director. He details his inclination for his profession at Full Sail and his fondness for the opportunity he gets to witness his students' progress.

gus-1“Professionally, to build a Sportscasting Bachelor’s degree program at Full Sail, with all the facilities and equipment at our disposal, gave us an incredible opportunity to give students real-world, hands-on experiences. What we ask the students to learn and do is really hard, so to see them persist and improve is amazing."

Ramsey gets to do what he loves every day when he steps foot on the effervescent campus that he calls home. He elaborates on one of the many ways he is fulfilled by his work every day at Full Sail University.

“We spend so much time helping our students to hone their craft and build their skillsets to help them achieve their dreams, that when you see that come to fruition you can’t help but feel fulfilled in those moments. Thankfully it’s a feeling I’ve been able to experience multiple times over with the continued hiring of our grads across the industry.”

As we delve deeper into Ramsey's professional career, we can't forget to mention the early stages that landed him where he is now. Ramsey speaks to his prior experience in the industry and how sportscasting has always been instilled in him.

"It’s just what I always knew I wanted to do, so during my senior year in college, I went down to WESH and talked Marc Middleton into letting me be an intern. I worked there for free for about 9 months after I graduated until they finally hired me. My work at WESH ultimately led to an opportunity to work at ESPN, where I was hired on as a producer of the network’s flagship program, SportsCenter.”

In a highly competitive industry, guidance from a seasoned professional who has years of experience in sportscasting is invaluable. Ramsey shares advice he would give to a person pursuing a job in sportscasting education.gus-3

“Teaching truly is incredibly rewarding. Part of that reward is it’s a return on your investment. You invest time, energy, passion, and you see students respond, learn, grow, and achieve. You’re helping people pursue their dreams. So, if you’re going to get into teaching, bring that passion, bring that desire, and be prepared to learn and grow as well.”

Gus Ramsey's devotion to fostering a mutualistic community around his students and his commitment to instilling the next generation with the tools they need to succeed at Full Sail is inspirational. The gratification that he gets when he talks about his role as the Program Director for the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting represents the groundbreaking level of education Full Sail provides and the fulfilling work environment the University offers to those who want to pursue a career in teaching.

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