Project: OrlandoWorks - Co-Founder of Orlando Jobs & Great Insurance Jobs, Scott Kotroba Gives Us A Peak Into His Life As An Entrepreneur And How Orlando Jobs Grew To Be Central Florida’s #1 Job Board Site


“The definition of success for me is to be able to do things day in and day out that you want to do and that ultimately provides the lifestyle that you want to live, and every single person has the ability to decide and have input on their direction or destination.”



In this installment of the Project: OrlandoWorks photo series, we spoke with Scott Kotroba, co-founder of and Read more to learn about how he got involved in the job board industry and advice he has for job seekers. 

Article by Brianna Toawicha | Photos by Lennyn Garcia

For co-founder of and, Scott Kotroba, another day in the office is just him doing what he loves, but for the City of Orlando and insurance companies nation-wide, his contributions are connecting thousands of job seekers to their passion, purpose, and ultimately the best companies each and every single day. With over 23 years in the employment industry and 20 years in the job board industry, Kotroba makes it clear that hard work and dedication to his field positioned him to be able to live out his dream. Kotroba shares what his initial motive was for starting and


"We started in 2001 and there was a need , there was no employment website for the insurance industry specifically, so we started We did a lot of business in the insurance recruiting area, so we felt like it was an entrusting opportunity to go into little did we know we’re sitting here 20 years later still having a great time!”

Kotroba has a deep fondness for what he does, not only because of the flexibility he has but the impact he’s making day in and day out. He shares a time he felt most gratified at his job and why he loves what he does now.

“We were getting hires right and left for Insurance Companies at such a low cost, it kind of was like wow we are onto something here, this is a cool thing and to be able to do that on our own, with the knowledge base that we had and with Roger and the staff that we were working with, it was a special, special time! [I love] that we get to set our day-to-day and get to decide what our destination is going to be. I think that’s the definition of success for me is to be able to do things day in and day out that you want to do.”

Kotroba elaborates further on the difference and is making in the job board industry. He makes it clear that from a sales standpoint reaching the set quota is immensely important, but what’s even more important is the number of jobs they’re providing for people.

“Every day you question yourself you go home and you’re looking at sales numbers or you’re looking at what marketing we did today or what checklist you checked off that day or you accomplished that day and you forget that we’re actually an employment service and we’re getting people jobs on a daily basis.”scott-2

The job industry was abruptly disrupted as everyone experienced a global pandemic. Workers began losing their jobs and job seekers could not find work. With everything gradually getting back to normal Kotroba was ecstatic to give advice to job seekers. Kotroba shares what steps a job seeker should take to stand out and be intentional with their job search.

“Stand out. Be proactive. Be different. You know everybody is clicking apply on the websites but how do you stand out and be different utilizing those tools. You’re going to have to sell yourself. [In regard to live career fairs], know what companies are coming in, know what jobs specifically that you want to target. I think your professional appearance is very important, we have arranged our jobs from hourly to executive-level positions, dress accordingly if you’re going in for executive-level position [and vice versa].”

Kotroba also believes heavily in giving back to the community. He currently Chairs the Athlete Connections Foundation, Vice President of both the Seminole County Sheriff Foundation and the Orlando Police Foundation, and the Past President of the Orange County Sheriff Foundation.

Scott Kotroba remains persistent and dedicated to providing job seekers in Orlando and the insurance industry with the best employers. and are the best resources available for connecting great candidates with great employers.

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