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About American Fundraising Foundation

The American Fundraising Foundation (AmFund) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a Platinum rating from Guide Star. AmFund has been serving other nonprofit organizations for over 21 years and has donated over $38 million for worthy causes. AmFund empowers and equips it's partner Organizations to experience the fundraising results they so desperately need. Every organization has a story to tell, and we want every deserving Nonprofit to have the funds they need to change the world.

Each year AmFund’s Board of Directors carefully selects organizations to support through sponsorship of their events. The Golden Pear, prominently part of AmFund's new logo, is deeply rooted in history as well as in its mission. Throughout history, even before the written word, the pear has been honored as a sacred fruit signifying wisdom, prosperity, good health, longevity and future happiness- all the things AmFund seeks for its nonprofit partners. 

And behind every golden pear is a great story. It may be the story of a child receiving special literacy assistance, or a woman finding shelter from an abusive relationship or an animal being rescued.

Every time AmFund helps an organization it is helping others. Each person has a “golden pear story” to share. That’s AmFund… The nonprofit with the golden pear.

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