Safety Staff Member

The Beacham and Patio Orlando
$15 per hour
May 13, 2021
Jul 14, 2021
Contract Type
Part Time
Career Level
Entry Level

Working at our bars, nightclubs, and events, our safety staff members are tasked with maintaining the safety of all individuals at these establishments.

This generally includes: monitoring all entrances and exits, watching the crowd for altercations, quickly defusing disputes, controlling who enters the premises, and monitoring all areas where cash is held or changes hands.

You are required to always remain friendly, professional, calm, and in control of every potential situation.

Though schedules may vary, hours are typically 9pm until about 3/4am.


  • Control the Crowd
  • Check Identification
  • Ensure Security
  • Greet Customers
  • Monitor Guest Lists and Dress Codes
  • Collecting Cover Charges

Skills and Qualifications:

Safety staff members must effectively walk the line between maintaining an authoritative demeanor while also being respectful of guests and their privacy. In addition, safety staff must be physically and mentally able to handle a nearly endless number of potential situations.

  • Physical fitness
  • Security experience - preferred but not required.
  • Familiarity with safety protocols – must know how to keep a large group of people safe, when to remove a person from the premises, and when it’s time to call the police
  • Situational awareness – patrolling a dark club with dozens or even hundreds of guests requires excellent vision and to be extremely observant and aware of surroundings.
  • Professionalism – it’s critical to always carry yourself in a professional manner in often chaotic environments.
  • Problem-solving skills – problems arise when you mix lots of alcohol and a large amount of people in a small space; must resolve these problems quickly and effectively.

Education and Training: Preferred but not required. Please email Jobs@ your resume and any education or training paperwork.


$15 hourly / Weekly pay.

COVID-19 precautions

  • Personal protective equipment provided or required Plastic shield at work stations Temperature screenings Social distancing guidelines in place Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place

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