CDL Driver III

Winter Garden, Florida
Jan 24, 2024
Mar 24, 2024


This is skilled and manual labor in the operation of a Commercial Front End, Rear Load, or Side Load vehicle collecting garbage and related refuse, and in transporting them to a disposal area. Maintaining collection schedules and following established routes. Work includes the responsibility for safe operation, routine, servicing, and minor maintenance of the vehicle and is subject to general supervision, periodical inspection, and review of results obtained. Supervision is exercised over unskilled personnel. The operator must remain alert at all times while the refuse is being loaded and pressure packed in order to protect him/her from injury or damage to the vehicle. Position reports directly to the Solid Waste Division Manager.


  • Required to operate all Solid Waste related vehicles including Commercial Front End Loader, Rear End Loader, Automated Side Loader, Boom Truck, Container Delivery Truck, and Roll off Truck including right-hand drive position on certain equipment
  • Must work the hours and/or shifts assigned (including assignments that require a start time of 2:00 AM, weekends, special events, etc.), and begin and end work on time.
  • Provide the highest level of customer service safely and efficiently.
  • Covers assigned area or route; maintains proper schedule in picking up and in hauling garbage and related refuse to disposal area.
  • Notes defects in vehicle operation and reports to superior for repair.
  • Fuels truck; checks various items such as tires, oil, water, and battery.
  • Assumes responsibility for the safe operation of the truck which includes: pre and post-trip inspections, cleaning behind the packer blade and body of the truck, and maintaining overall truck cleanliness on a daily basis.
  • Hooks containers to truck by latches, cables, or hydraulic arms and operates mechanism/equipment to lift and dump containers into truck.
  • Other related duties, as required.


  • High School Diploma or GED preferred.
  • Experience in heavy manual labor, refuse collection, and operating all solid waste related vehicles including Commercial Front End Loader, Rear End Loader, Automated Side Loader, Boom Truck, Container Delivery Truck, and Roll off Truck including right-hand drive position on certain equipment.
  • Possess and maintain Florida CDL Class B License.
  • Based on FMCSA regulations, applicants for employment and existing employees in positions requiring a CDL are subject to pre-employment, post-employment, and ongoing testing for controlled substances and alcohol as a condition of employment.


  • Knowledge of the operation and servicing of the assigned truck and related equipment.
  • Ability to run a route any time; day or night.
  • Skilled in driving a right handed route.
  • Ability to operate heavy equipment control levers.
  • Knowledge of traffic laws and regulations.
  • Knowledge of the occupational hazards and appropriate safety precautions.
  • Knowledge of appropriate methods of lifting, carrying, pulling and/or pushing heavy bins and containers.
  • Ability to supervise the work of a crew of collectors.
  • Ability and willingness to work under all conditions of weather.
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  • Ability to ensure that assigned paperwork is completed neatly and accurately.
  • Demonstrated ability to read a map and learn the geography and street layouts of the area and of the assigned routes.
  • Possess the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Ability to collect solid waste materials, which involves lifting collection containers weighing between 40 and 60 pounds and frequent climbing, bending, jumping, carrying, standing, pushing, pulling, and reaching above the head.


  • The work environment exposes the employee to excessive noise in traffic and inclement weather, such as rain and extreme heat and cold.
  • The setting is typically greasy, dirty, smelly and noisy.
  • Constantly exposed to fumes, vapors, household (and possible commercial) hazardous waste (pool chemicals, cleaners, etc.) and corrosive chemicals (chlorine bleach and harsh cleansers.)
  • Also exposed to mosquitoes, flies, bees and unguarded pets.
  • Tasks involve the intermittent performance of physically demanding work, typically involving some combination of reaching, bending, stooping, kneeling, or crouching, and that may involve the lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling of moderately heavy objects and materials (20-75 pounds). Intermittent lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling of heavier objects (100+ pounds) and getting in and out of a truck approximately 500-700 times a day.

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